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SILVERCITYLA is the leading manufacturer and importer of Wholesale silver jewelry and Fashion accessories in Los Angeles. We have all kinds of latest and unique design silver jewelry collections available online which are offered at very competitive price.
Wholesale Sterling silver Jewelry covers a wide range of top quality sterling silver accessories, loving collection of kid’s jewelries, trendy body jewelries; fashion jewelries with rhodium finish. We are also proud to provide you both modern and vintage style Wedding and Engagement rings beautifully set with precious stones like Diamond or CZ Stones.
Express yourself in unique way by wearing rings and pendants set of 14K Yellow and White Gold inlaid with your Birthstones. Browse our Wholesale 14K Yellow and White Gold jewelry products to know more.
Tungsten Carbide is becoming more popular in the fashioning of jewelry due to its hypoallergenic, extreme hardness, polished forever and virtually scratch resistant. Shop our stunning collections of Wholesale Tungsten jewelry available online. Also we have a variety of Tungsten carbide Magnetic therapy bracelets with the best quality. In addition you can find the best selection of Wholesale Stainless steel jewelry which includes Rosaries, Spinner rings, Key rings, Cuff links, Dog tags, Earrings, Pendants with several themes and so on. We also offer medical Id/alert bracelets which are available in surgical stainless steel and Sterling silver which speaks for you in case of emergency.
Titanium is lustrous and durable white metal becoming more popular among men in recent years because of its look and feel. Discover our full collection of Wholesale Titanium jewelry and shop now! Your jewels can emphasize the uniqueness of your personality. Browse our Wholesale Silver Jewelry products to find out how to convey your personality without uttering a word. At the cutting edge of new innovative designs, abundant supply, high quality and excellent customer service, Silvercityla stand out from the rivalry when it comes to the manufacture and wholesale. We give topmost priority for both quality of our products and services and maintain the trust and respect of every valued customer.

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