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Silver has a 4000 year old history and is the least expensive of the precious metals. The United States is considered as one of the biggest producers of silver globally.

Pure silver is called “fine silver.” However, fine silver is not as often used in jewelry, because it’s too soft. That’s why jewelry makers use Sterling Silver, or also named as 925, since it is 925 parts silver and 75 parts copper, which is the alloy that is used with silver most of the time. The alloy can also be zinc, when making sterling silver jewelry such as: sterling silver rings, sterling silver bracelets, sterling silver pendants, and sterling silver earrings. Pure sterling silver is harder than gold with highest optical reflectivity. Silver has an advantage over gold because it weighs half as much as gold, has much better flexibility, and has always been much less expensive than gold. However, in ancient times, because silver was prone to long term tarnish and decomposition, it has not survived as well as gold. Silver is known as the “poor man’s gold” but is surely extremely beautiful in sterling silver jewelry with its brilliant shine.

Sterling silver jewelry has gained recent enjoyment and popularity nowadays with today’s public. It is becoming more and more popular everyday with fashion leaning towards black clothing, since it looks dramatic with a black evening gown as well as with a white dress. Silver loves it when it’s worn and used. It stays cleaner and shinier by the movement and friction; that’s why it’s a perfect accessory in today’s fast paced lifestyles. However, it sometimes likes cleaning and we discuss how to clean your wholesale silver jewelry.