Quinceanera Jewel set

A Quinceanera or Quince (XV) Anos is a splendid celebration of girl’s fifteenth birthday party. The Spanish words “Quince” means “fifteen” and “Anos” means years. It has its roots in the ancient Aztec culture. This traditional celebration symbolizes the transition of childhood into young women.

The Quinceanera is very special and memorable event for every young lady. Since it is a unique birthday, make a unique gift to surprise her and your young princess will get honored by receiving your gift.

Butterfly Ring and Pendant Set :

Silvercityla presents the stunning collections of Sterling silver ring and pendant set with rhodium coating.



This Anos jewel set is well-crafted with butterfly design and number 15 is mentioned in it. it is available in sizes 5 to 8.  This butterfly design Quinceanera jewel set comes with two varieties, 1. with dangling triple heart set,  2. with CZ[ Cubic Zirconia] Stones.

Sterling silver Quinceanera 15 Anos Charms: 

Silvercityla has the distinctive collection of Sterling silver charms like Crescent moon and Star word charmSweet 15 heart shaped charm15 Horse shoe word charm15 Anos frame charm and 15 Anos fancy heart cut-out charm.

This beautiful charm is designed artistically and word ‘Sweet 15‘ is en-crafted  along with  little heart inset on the top. it is 7/8 inch wide. It comes with 925 Sterling silver metal stamp.

Visit us online at SILVERCITYLA to explore more collection of Quinceanera – 15 Anos Jewels and  celebrate your Quinceanera fiesta.






Celebrate your lifetime moment elegantly with Silvercityla’s Titanium  band with excellent craftsmanship. It is becoming more popular because of its unique properties.

  • It has high corrosion resistance.
  • It almost looks like Platinum or White Gold.
  • It is more affordable than any other robust metals like  tungsten
  • It is lightweight and strong enough so that it can be worn everyday.
  • It won’t tarnish and turn your finger green or dent.
  • It is hypoallergenic otherwise known as bio-compatible.

Here, in this article we  adorn some of our gorgeous unique  titanium  wedding rings.


Titanium Wedding bands

Titanium Wedding bands


Let us see about our beautiful carbon fiber inlay titanium Wedding band.


This men’s Wedding band has black carbon fiber inlay  in the center and  highly polished beveled edges crafted with titanium  It truly offers a comfort fit and the sizes ranges from 7 to 14.5 with 0.5 size increments. It sits on your finger more comfortably.

Using Carbon fiber inlays in titanium wedding bands not only adds strength to the ring, it also makes us easy to make gorgeous detailed designs without adding much weight to your ring.

This cool 8-mm  flat style Titanium band perfectly suits to anyone’s personality. It is absolutely beautiful and your partner will definitely loves to wear it.


Also take a look on the ring inlaid with a Mother of peal  that has been infused with a stunning  vibrant colors that makes a wonderful wedding band. This sleek, comfort-fit ring comes with flat design with highly polished edges.

This band comes in a standard width size of 8-mm & in any finger size from 8 to 12.

Find a special gift for your beloved that makes remembrance of your love and  brings smile forever.



It is a classic ring with hammered texture,slightly elevated in the center and has beveled edged sides. It makes this ring very comfortable for everyday wear.

Available at various sizes ranges from :7  7.5  8  8.5  9  9.5  10  10.5  11  11.5  12  12.5  13  13.5  14

This is the ring with no compromise in quality and hammered finish makes this masculine band look awesome.



This 8mm Titanium Wedding band has Carved Truck tire Pattern which set the new trend  and this unique design is a perfect blend of love and its strength. It is dome shaped and has a polished finish.

This ring  symbolizes eternal bonding that glorifies your wedding ceremony.

You may find many unique pattern ideas such as  Aztec PatternHoney Comb PatternPyramid pattern , so on.

We also have several Tribal patterns like Tribal fly, Tribal Spider, Tribal Flames and Tribal Waves.

Visit us online at SilvercityLA.com and our prices are more than reasonable as well as affordable to make your shopping experience even more pleasant.



Blue Topaz is well-known for its eye catching vibrant color and its blue hues. Any women would love this Sparkling jewelry which perfectly suit for any outfits. It is a ultimate choice for expressing your deep love in a cool way.

Silvercityla, Blue Topaz Rings

Silvercityla, Blue Topaz Rings

Pure Topaz is colorless or pale blue in color. It often tinted with impurities to give unusual colors and iridescent effects, like mystic, smoky, pink, and blue topaz.

Naturally occurring blue topaz gems are very rare. So topaz is exposed in radiation and heat to produce blue hues. There are three basic colors of blue topaz such as Pale blue topaz (the Sky blue color), London blue topaz (the darkest blue color), Swiss blue topaz.

In Silvercityla, you can find a several collections of London blue and Swiss blue topaz rings beautifully inlaid with Diamonds and CZ [Cubic Zirconia] Stones. These rings are artistically designed and available in various shapes, colors and cutting styles like ovals, pears, rounds, emerald cuts, cushion cuts, triangle cuts, and marquise shapes.

The Mohs scale is a system used to rank metals on their hardness in its pure state, which is graded using numbers from 1 to 10.  Blue Topaz has excellent hardness of 8 on the Mohs scale where hardness of diamond is 10, the highest of all Gemstones. Cubic Zirconia is a synthetic material and it is an excellent substitute for Diamond. It mohs scale is rated as 8.5.

Let’s have an overview on CZ Stones and Blue Topaz inlaid Rings that you will love forever!

CZ Stones and Blue Topaz Ring

A High quality Sterling silver jewels featuring the blue topaz stone and plenty of CZ Stones with Rhodium finish are truly spectacular and  these jewel sets are an amazing gift that any one would love.

  • This vintage style Engagement Ring is made from Rhodium plated Sterling Silver
  • It beautifully set with  Rectangular Engagement Ring with  8×6 mm Emerald Cut Blue Topaz  & Brilliant Cut CZ Stones, 3/8 in. (10 mm) wide
  • Top quality craftsmanship with high quality
  • Available sizes measures from 5 to 10.
  •  This Blue Topaz Sterling silver ring is uniquely crafted with dazzling CZ Stones is a truly mesmerizing

Let’s see the sparkling Diamond and shimmering Blue Topaz inlaid Rings which adds timeless elegance.


Diamond Stones and Natural Swiss Blue Topaz Rings

14K Yellow Gold Natural Swiss Blue Topaz Ring Square 6×6 mm Diamond Accents

Swiss blue topaz brightness is not too light and not too dark. It looks gorgeous when it is combined with Diamond Stone and gives a royal look to the wearer.  These rings are made from 14K yellow gold and it is very fashionable one.

Diamond Stones and London Blue Topaz Rings

These gorgeous 14K yellow gold ring features an Imperial London Blue Topaz in the center surrounded with genuine Diamond stones. The quality of the ring is prominent and excellent in workmanship. These adorable rings reminds your honey. Surprise her romantically by presenting this gorgeous ring and sure it  brighten her face and bring her smile.



We, the Wholesale silver manufacturers and importers, Silvercityla proudly offers variety of Sterling silver jewelries with Lab created opal inlay, depicting sea life for all ocean enthusiasts. Gift a piece of the ocean kingdom to your beloved.

We have several collection of Sterling silver rings, earrings, pendants and bracelets with metal stamp 925, which indicates the 92.5% pure silver. It is inlaid with synthetic opal designed with ocean’s pride animals like dolphin, sea turtle, hammerhead shark, blue whale tail pendant, ring and bracelets, sea horse ,and so on. We use Synthetic opal because it is more durable and harder than natural opal.

Let’s learn something about Synthetic opal.

  • Artificially [lab-created] made.
  • Structure is very similar to the original opals
  • They show brighter colors than natural opals.
  • Larger color patches of spots
  • More appealing look



Let us see some of our Sterling silver synthetic opal ring designed with most fascinating animals in our oceans

Ever Smiling Ocean Beauty – Dolphin Collections:

Express yourself for the passions for dolphins through this beautiful Sterling silver ring inlaid with Synthetic opal. They seem to be smiling and happy all the time. This playful dolphin wrapping around you never fail to fulfill happiness, positivism and joyful spirit.

Dolphins are both highly intelligent and their playful nature is a reminder that everyone hold out our life with fun and delight.

Celebrate your love and feel the special bond between two soul mates by wearing this double dolphin jewelries.

Dolphin Pendants , Dolphin Earrings and Dolphin rings are great gift idea and it is very attractive because it catches the essence of beauty and elegance of sea life

.You can also purchase dolphin with mother and baby pendants and dolphins in loop in Silvercityla.com.

Best Dad –  SeaHorse Collections:

If you are awaiting for a unique beach beauty collection to just about any outfit, depicting ocean life, then wearing Seahorse jewelry is a nifty means to answer that.

Seahorse is unique aquatic animal not only for its shape, it is monogamy[having one soul mate in a life time like humans.

Impressive fact is that they’re the only creature on Earth where the male gets pregnant means that bears the unborn young! They are such an amazing and wonderful dad.



Long life – SeaTurtle collections:

Sea-turtle symbolizes patience, wisdom and also represents long life. A perfect gift for anyone who loves turtles or the sea. Shop the finest collection of Sea-turtle synthetic opal ring in Silvercityla.com









Today, many kinds of aquatic animals are on the endangered list and we must all put efforts in trying to save the turtles as they are vital to the eco-system of the oceans.

Human activities threatens the Ocean’s pride creatures. Save our ocean and raise awareness about sea creatures which are in endangered list. For sea enthusiast we have several pendant collections  Hawaiian-sea turtles, Hammerhead Shark, Whales tails, Sting Gray, Crab, Octopus, Marlin Fish, Squid, Lobster and so on.

Silvercityla proudly presents the pendants the Sterling silver jewelry with Opal inlay  that is inspired by the endless life and beauty found in the deep blue sea.




Whether it spring and summer, this a good time to try White Metal pieces. Whatever you wear necklace, pendants, earrings or bracelet in White Gold, adding this White color will gives you gorgeous look and feel.

At Silvercityla we have the finest collections of necklaces, rings, earrings, bracelets, bands and pendants in solid 14K White gold.

We offer many choices in 14K White gold with diamonds, CZ [Cubic Zirconia] and other gemstones like Topaz, Amethyst and so on.

We carefully designed each and every piece that gives u immense satisfaction.
SILVERCITYLA, the wholesale White Gold Jewelers, has stunning collections of 14K White Gold Jewelries and 10K White Gold Jewelries beautifully engraved with Diamonds.

Before analyzing the details of 14K White Gold Jewelries Lets first see what 14K White Gold really is?

Pure Gold is yellowish in nature and it extremely soft it nature. To make more durable Gold ornaments, pure gold is added with certain metals. Gold, the precious metal is well-known for its shine, color and unique properties.Atomic number of Gold is 79 and its symbol is Au, which comes from the Latin word Aurum.

White gold is an excellent substitute for silver or platinum. Gold’s karat [K] grade is used to express the proportion of gold in an alloy or the quality of a gold alloy.

Pure gold is 24 karat. Like pure Gold, White gold is also measured in Carats. 14K – White gold is an alloy of 58.3% of Gold and remaining 41.7% of other white metal usually palladium, nickel or sometimes silver.

These metals change the yellowish appearance of gold into whitish color. Sometimes it is plated with rhodium to have a shiny, polish look. It is more fashionable and has a trendy look.

Earring highlights the face and it catches attention at very first sight.

Generally Women choose their jewelry in accordance to their dress code, make over and style. We have designed earrings that will definitely suit you.

The unique collection of drop and dangle earrings; French-clip earrings; Hoop earrings; Huggie earrings; lever-back earrings; Stud earrings are fantastic addition to your jewelry box.

14K White Gold & Diamond -Engagement and Wedding jewelry are becoming more popular and more desirable among bridals.

It is beautifully engraved with Diamond and other Gemstones.

This 14K White Gold 3-Piece Trio His & Hers Diamond Wedding Ring Band Set is beautifully set with Brilliant Cut Diamonds  Available Size for Ladies 5 to 10; Men’s Size 8 to 14)


Celebrate your love story with this TRIO rings from Silvercityla. 

 Get a look at our Wedding and engagement rings which you believe would best suit you and your spouse for your marriage day.Surely you’ll find something that both of you will like.

Passion in wearing Gemstone Jewelries? Yep! Silvercityla is the right choice. You can

choose your gemstone rings, earrings and pendants by favorite color, or by birthstone.

Traditionally, a birthstone symbolizes month of birth. Choose 14K White Gold Gemstone ring by the birthstone of yours and your beloved one.

This is 14K White Gold Natural Peridot Jewel Set Diamond Accent. Also it has 14K White Gold 6 mm Peridot Stud Earrings with 2 cttw August Birthstone

You can get the highest quality of 2-Stone and 3-Stone rings made up of 14K White Gold with Diamond accent offered at the lowest possible price in Silvercityla.com

Thinking of giving special gift for your dear one?

Impress with this ring features heart-shaped frames, each set with a genuine gemstone, nestled side-by-side.

This 6 mm, 14K White Gold 2-Stone Heart Ring is designed with Natural Pink Topaz with Diamond Accent.It is undoubtedly a romantic ring.

Explore our wide range of 14K White gold set with diamond jewelry, stylized in a unique manner for all occasions available online at our website -Silvercityla.com  for unbelievably low wholesale prices. Our unique styles can fulfill almost anyone’s wish list.



Are you looking for unique collection of Tungsten carbide bracelets? Then, Silvercityla.com is the perfect choice.

SILVERCITYLA jewelers proudly presents the finest collections of Tungsten bracelets, Tungsten pendants, Tungsten bands and Tungsten wedding/engagement rings.


Each and every bracelet has bright polished shine. It is virtually impossible to scratch and available in various sizes. Tungsten bracelets are hypoallergenic so if you have any allergies, it won’t happen with tungsten.Tungsten is roughly 10 times as hard as 18Kt gold and it measures between 8 and 9 on the Mohs hardness scale. (Diamonds are a 10 – the highest.). Hence Tungsten bracelets  are more durable than any other bracelets

Magnetic therapy is an inexpensive and non-toxic way of medical treatment used worldwide. This therapy is believed to help in increasing the energy and assist in the relief of several pains. It also stimulates blood flow and brings healthy oxygenated blood to the wounded area. Moreover it speeds the healing processes and improves the quality of sleep without any adverse side effects.  

In Recent research, application of a magnetic field to an injured area helps to restore the normal electro-magnetic balance. It promotes healing naturally.

In our Silvercityla.com you can get variety of Tungsten carbide Magnetic therapy bracelets with the best quality.

Let us see some of our Tungsten carbide bracelets with Magnetic therapy.


This handsome 2 –tone Rose faceted link bracelet is constructed in maintenance-free tungsten.

• It has a solid feel and polished forever.
• It is 7/16 inch wide.
• Looks trendier and it is suitable for all occasions.
• Embedded with magnets for therapeutic purposes.

To Shop this product check this link: 2-tone rose faceted bracelet.



This handsome 2 –tone Gun Metal Black Hugs and kisses XOXO link bracelet symbolizes love that does not erode over time. It is a perfect gift for your beloved one.


• Designed with – XOXO links. Where X stands for “Kisses” and O stands for “Hugs”.
• Stylish look bracelet is embedded with magnets for therapeutic purposes.
• It is 5/16 inch wide
• Available sizes are 7, 7.5, 8, 8.5 and 8.75
Buy this product online at XOXO link Bracelet.




  • This Stylish therapeutic Tungsten Carbide bracelet stands out with 2-tone gunmetal and rose-gold tones.
  • It is 1/2 inch wide.
  • This bracelet will ever shine, long lasts that you can make use as daily wear.
  • Suitable for both men and women which gives trendier look.
  • Available Sizes are  :7.5  8  8.25  8.5  8.75

Checkout this link to buy this product: 2-Tone Gun Metal & Rose Gold bracelet.


Choose from our stunning collection of Stylish Tungsten bracelets in our Silvercityla.com site.






Impress your love by giving Ruby, the highly valuable glowing gemstone. They symbolize royalty. Ruby, the King of Gems is the birthstone of July.
According to the Moh’s scale of mineral hardness, Ruby is harder than any natural gemstone except diamond. Hence Ruby is durable enough for everyday wear and they satisfy all your jewelry needs.

Silvercityla ,the leading  manufacturer and importer of wholesale silver jewelry and Fashion Silver Jewelry in Los Angeles proudly share with you the most beautiful ruby pendants, ruby earrings, ruby rings and ruby jewel sets. The Ruby pendants and jewel sets are admired in this article.

14K White Gold Pendant with Ruby Stones & Brilliant Cut Diamonds

The cut of a diamond directly impacts its brilliance. The Brilliant cut is the most popular form of cut in diamonds with numerous facets and allows maximized light return through the top of the diamond to have exceptional brilliance and durability of the diamond.

14K White Gold 15/16″ (24 mm) tall Diamond Heart Pendant, w/ 1.25 Total Carat Weight Marquise Cut Ruby Stones & Brilliant Cut Diamonds

If you go to parties with your sweetheart, you can give her a pendant studded with ruby stones and diamond stones.

This red-hot ruby is a symbol of everlasting love. So it is excellent choice to gift her with ruby pendant and experience a romantic evening.

  • This term ‘Marquise cut’ means the gemstone is shaped like an elongated circle with pointed ends.

Silvercityla gives you this heart shape design pendant which holds a message of pure love and is the perfect gift to show you care.

14K White Gold 1 1/8″ (29 mm) tall Diamond Latin Cross Pendant, w/ 0.50 Carat Brilliant Cut Diamonds & 2.54 Carats Princess Cut Ruby Stones

Ruby Jewels are also suitable for occasions like official meetings, parties, celebrations etc. Rubies give you high energy and reinforce courage. It represents power and success.

Latin cross pendant gives you a divine feel that Lord Christ is always with you. It is also known as Crux immissa.

  • The term ‘Princess Cut’ is the second most popular form of cut next to brilliant cut in Gemstones. The Princess cut gemstone has a square, or rectangular, shaped brilliant cut with sharp (un-cropped) corners.


14K White Gold Natural Ruby Lever Back Earrings & Pendant Set Diamond Accent

The Earrings and Pendant are fashioned from 14K White Gold and detailed with ruby and dazzling with diamond accents. This modern elegant simple design pendant and earrings make a beautiful accent for any occasions.

  • Added advantage is this earring is a 14K White Gold leverback earring and so it has a enclosed hoop. It won’t slip off from your earlobe. U can use this earring while jogging, swimming, playing or doing any daily routines.
  • The rich color of 14K White Gold and reddish silky shine of natural ruby gems and brilliance of diamond makes this jewelry set so valuable and gives you gorgeous look.

Sterling Silver Micro Pave Round Shaped and Pear Shaped  Pendant White CZ Stone centered with Prong set of Red Ruby Stone:


Glowing red ruby gemstone is surrounded by a halo of sparkling white Cubic Zirconia in a Sterling Silver foundation, making these gemstone ruby pendants more adorable.

  • The term ‘Micro Pave’ means many small or tiny stones are set closely together into the jewelry.
  •  The Cubic Zirconia [CZ] stone is known as a wonderful substitute for diamonds, due to its hardiness.
  •  Another added advantage is ‘prong setting’ of Red ruby stone, which make the stone itself to be the main eye-catching element.

With radiant glow and irresistible bright red color, our Dazzling Ruby Pendant is simply breathtaking. Shop us at Silvercityla.com for a wide selection of affordable ruby pendants, Ruby rings set with other precious as well as birthstones, ruby earrings, ruby belly button rings . 

Sterling Silver Necklace

Sterling Silver Necklace / Bracelet with a Star Slide

Sterling Silver Necklace / Bracelet with a Star Slide

Necklaces have been an integral part of jewelry since the time of ancient civilizations .The oldest necklaces were made of purely natural materials.In the modern era, a variety of new metals and silk are available for necklaces .Common features of necklaces include colorful stones and can attach your lovable pendant with them.

Rubber Cord Necklaces

Rubber Cord Necklaces

 Most of the people use pendant according to aspect of their religious ,medicine and memory of lovable .Necklace is a valuable gift for your lovable.

We provide you with humpty of gorgeous necklaces that will suit your style. Checking out for a party wear?Evil eye necklaces, Fancy necklaces, liquid silver necklaces and Rubber cord necklaces are wonderful choice of jewelry for a party wear.Make a mark by wearing our new Japanese silk necklaces.

Japanese Silk Necklace 10 Strand Orange, Sterling Silver Clasp, 18 inch

Japanese Silk Necklace 10 Strand Orange, Sterling Silver Clasp, 18 inch


Leverback Earring

Leverback Earring

Leverback Earring

Women are the beautiful creatures in human being . They were fabulous beauty with their ornaments .Earring is one of the most important think .It make you look much more modern and polished.
Do you have leverback earrings in your collection?

When you’re shopping for earrings ,we should listern three things that will be comfortable, stylish and secure. If wrong clasps and hooks on a pair of earrings can ruin the design or make them uncomfortable .Leverback earrings are a good choice for your jewelry collection with these great benefits of the clasp style.

The leverback protects the earring from falling off the ear. Purchasing an expensive pair can be worth the money because of the added security of the leverback enclosure. These earrings create a beautiful dangle appearance and can be simple and elegant at the same time.

There are a large variety of earrings that have leverbacks. Leverback earrings are a good accessory for any fashion statement.Diamond with the Leverback Earrings are popular.10k white gold Diamond Jewelry,10k yellow gold Diamond Jewelry,14K white gold Diamond Jewelry and 14K yellow gold Diamond Jewelry Leverback Earring are available in silvercityla.

Wholesale Stainless Steel Money Clips


                   Silver money clip

If you are looking for sterling silver money clips, cufflinks, and key chains, look no further.  Silver City has a huge selection of sterling silver accessories at wholesale prices!

Cufflinks add that extra flare to any suit and because they come in so many styles and colors, matching them to any other accessory is easy.  If you want to make a statement next time you dress up, put on a pair of shiny cufflinks to set you apart from the crown.

Money clips and key chains are also a great way to accessorize.  With sterling silver, you get the quality and durability you need paired with the look and style you want.   Sterling silver is made to last, and because it is so durable, you don’t have to worry about scratching or denting it every time you put it in your pocket.  For a great selection of sterling silver money clips, cufflinks, and key chains at wholesale prices, visit us at Silver City in Los Angeles.